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Orangeburg Milling Company was founded in 1962 and for many years operated primarily as a custom grind feed mill, serving mostly local hog and cattle farmers. At that time, the company produced only a few different types of feed. Over the years, the company grew and expanded its line of feeds to the point where a new location was needed for the operation. In 1978, Orangeburg Milling Company moved next door to its current location and began to diversify its line of feeds for an even wider variety of livestock.

In the spring of 1998, Orangeburg Milling Company installed new equipment that allowed the company to manufacture its own line of pet foods, floating fish foods, and other specialty products. While most feed companies have their pet foods shipped in from other manufacturers, Orangeburg Milling Company is one of the few manufacturers that can make meal, texturized, pelleted, and extruded feeds at one location and ship it directly to the customer. This not only reduces costs but allows the company to provide customers with fresh feed.

While Orangeburg Milling Company continues to grow and diversify, management wants to make sure that the company does not lose sight of its reputation for excellence in customer service. They will continue to carry on the company’s tradition of producing quality products at affordable prices while offering unmatched customer service.

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